Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breaking News: This is (not really) a Food Blog

Okay, so I'm going back on my word. This isn't a food blog. It isn't a music blog. It isn't a blog about anything, really. And contrary to popular blog belief, that's perfectly goddamn okay. Okay? Okay.

Truth is, I wasn't doing a very good job being a regular contrubutor at UUKBlog before I made the proclamation that this would be a food-themed site, with reviews, tips, tricks, pretty pictures, etc. But every time I wanted to throw some funny, interesting nugget of nutty-brown bullshit on here, I remembered that I had pidgeon-holed myself, limiting posts to a food theme.

Screw it. This is still good therapy, and good interaction with....well, whoever still cares to look for updates here from time to time. And I really don't have any other place to go with a lot of this stuff.

So, back to the shotgun approach. And here's something we've never talked about: Pearl Jam.

Wait. What?

Call it a welcome back. For the 5th or 6th time. No promises on timely updates. That, I can promise you. Here's PJ from their amazing Late Show with David Letterman appearance on May 4, 2006, after the release of the Avocado album. Dave let the band have the stage after the taping of the live show, where they played an amazing short set, including this particular highlight, a personal favorite, Present Tense.

Go find some food pr0n somewhere else. For now.


Shannonnicolle said...

No! I come to you for my food porn. I don't want to go anywhere else and you can't make me. Although I enjoy your other posts too. I guess.

Dixon said...

Awww, don't cry, Shopgirl. If you're lucky, you just might get a book review or two, Doner. (Hint: the one I'm reading now is must-read!)

Thad said...

I've waited almost a month for an update, and you give me this turd? Great. Thanks.


Dixon said...

Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet, Bargie. Turds galore.

Michael said...

That's what I always tell people when they say that my blog will never be "big" because it is unfocused:

I don't care...I have too many other things that I often need to share to focus on one thing. Focusing on one subject makes it seem too much like a job. Plus it is my blog, I am not sure I want it to be big...I just want to clear my head sometimes.

Do what you want...it's your site.