Thursday, September 30, 2010

Local Food Reviews: My Approach

One of the driving reasons that I wanted to really focus in on food as the main content driver of this blog is because I'm always kind of bummed that there isn't a very good selection of food blogs in the Lincoln area. Specifically, I'm talking about food blogs that have local restaurant reviews. Sure, there's a few out there (a couple of which you may see linked to the right), and while they do provide some good content, I wanted to explain what you WON'T see on UUKblog.

If you're looking for scathing, tersely worded posts on how I might have gotten some slow service, or how I might have been disturbed by a restaurant's decor (or lack thereof), I'm not going there. I'm not a big fan of snarky, snapshot reviews. I'm willing to give most places the benefit of the doubt, food, atmosphere (I don't need much, honestly)and service included. Running (and maintaining) a restaurant is hard enough without getting unnecessary bad press from a person who's probably not qualified to critique every single aspect of their business, especially in a 30-40 minute window of time. The succesful ones will rise to the top in time. The ones with problems won't last. This is pretty much restaurant rule #1. You pretty much know who they are in both cases.

Instead, it would be safe to assume that if I haven't talked or posted about a restaurant, it's for a few reasons....

1. I didn't care for it, for whatever reason.
2. I haven't been there yet.
3. It's a National "Chain" restaurant (there may be a couple of exceptions
in extreme cases).
4. I've been there, and I plan on writing about it, just
haven't gotten to it yet.

Just wanted to get that out there before I started diving in to the realm of what I would consider some of the best places to get delicious, honest food made clearly by people who care about what they're creating. Those are the people and places I want to write about, because their hard work and dedication needs to be highlighted and rewarded (case in point). Let's not kid ourselves here....Lincoln isn't a Foodie's Paradise. This needs no argument. But hopefully we can find the goods even in this ocean of uninspiring sports bars & grills, with the same tired, half-assed menus. If there's good stuff out there, and it's gonna get talked about here eventually.

But it's not all about Lincoln, or even restaurants. This will be much broader than that, including home cooking stuff, road trips, all of the above. Stay tuned, kids....I know you're itching with anticpation. (Actually, you might want to get that looked looks red and inflamed. No....stop itching it. Staahhhp.)

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