Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Football" fans in a Football Town

I'm not really sure how to react to this. Check that.....I do know how to react to this: With complete shock, bewilderment and disgust.

How did we allow this to happen? for so long, we've looked down our noses at such an inferior game. Men running around aimlessly on a field far too large for what's needed. 8 shots on goal.....per 90-minute game.

Shake yourselves, Lincoln....Midwest.....America. You have The National Pastime, AND America's Game. You live in one of the most revered college football towns in America. You've got everything you need as a sports fan.

Then you go and act like this.

I was in a downtown bar in November of 2001 when Eric Crouch caught the touchdown pass from Mike Stuntz to beat OU. This didn't happen. Drinks were not thrown. Barstools were not wielded. Scarf thingies were not swung over heads. Yes, everything in my pockets flew out in a frenzy, but, in my defense, it was freaking NU-OU. You expect things to get broken when a play like that happens.

But soccer? Cheering for soccer like you're living in Brazil? In Lincoln, Nebraska?

Here it is: Captain Jack's Bar in Lincoln, and the reaction to Landon Donovan's game winner over "world powerhouse" Algeria, to punch a ticket to the round of 16 in the World Cup. Apparently that's a big deal or something.

I don't know what town, let alone what country I'm living in anymore.


Trevor said...


The only time I have seen a celebration in Lincoln like that was after "The Kick" against Colorado. You know the one, the one that used a REAL FOOTBALL!

Martin said...

Dear NU,

It has come to our attention that some of your students/fans were observed chanting USA...USA, screaming like girls, and we even have reports of unnecessary man hugging. With the exeption of the USA chant, these actions are only acceptable from Sept-Jan. Upon reviewing the video in question, we have no other alternative than to go back on our offer. We've opted to go with Mizzou instead (seeing as most of their fans can't spell soccer)

No hard feelings,

The Big Ten

Mickey said...

I don't get it. I'd rather watch golf, tennis, billards, heck even poker and watching other people play cards is painfully boring. Watching soccer is bad enough, but doesn't it become unbearable when you have to listen to bees buzzing around the announcer's mikes? I can't believe how loud that comes over the TV. Seriously, get a fly swatter or something. If I ever see one of those stupid horns at a sporting event, it's going directly into it's owner's colon.

Michael said...

I think Americans were just desperate for something good to happen for them after being blamed for the economic collapse and the pollution of the ocean. It probably could have been any Team USA sport and everyone would have been just as happy. I can't believe anyone would get this happy about soccer...and this is from someone who really wanted to like soccer when he was younger (I tried and tried but I just couldn't bring myself to that level).

Now when I think of soccer, I always think of The Simpsons

Open wide for some soccer!

It's all here: fast kicking, low scoring, and ties? You bet!