Friday, March 5, 2010

Why We Should Cook. Really Cook

For the few of you who still drop by this little page (one that could always be better), you've probably noticed that there seems to be a bit more focus towards one of my true

There, I said it. I cook.

I cook for myself, for my family, for a crowd, for stress relief, for exploring new tastes, for the joy of creating a perfect product that is the sum of its unique individual parts.

I cook because I love food, the feelings that the act of cooking gives me, the pleasure that eating food made from hands that you can see.

Noted food author & blogger Michael Ruhlman gives one of the most succinct descriptions of why he cooks, why I cook, and why you should think more about cooking, yourselves, in a TED Talk he recently gave in his hometown of Cleveland. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't have to be every day, every meal. He speaks to the history of cooking in our society, and to its role in human existence as we know it today. He also speaks to how society today looks at what their perceptions of what food actually is, and the dangerous answers we're giving.

I encourage you to check out his amazing blog/website, and a few of the other food-themed pages I've linked to over on the side here. Now go pick up a pan. Fry an egg. Roast a chicken. Make a casserole....without opening a can of Cream of God-Know's-What Soup. Just start cooking, and reap the benefits.

"I'm asking you to consider that cooking is far more important than any of us
ever realized. Don't view cooking as a luxury, or a hobby, or something
you'd do only if you had more time. Think of it as an imperative.
Don't underestimate how important the routine act of cooking can be."
--Michael Ruhlman

NOTE: The blog will probably continue with this food focus for a while, with some other ridiculous odds & ends peppered in, usually only humorous or interesting to me. Just endure it.


Betty Wolfe said...

I hear what you are saying, but at 82 I am sick of cooking. I miss Wilbur's grilling. All Bud can do is make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!!! I keep thinking if I could come up with something different and easy I might reconsider, but new recipies always call for something I have never heard of or would have to drive to Omaha to get. Besides I am getting just plain lazy. And another thing, I am waiting for a blog on fatherhood, when is that coming????

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Love the post and love Betty's comment. There are times when I love to cook. That is, when I'm cooking I love it. When I'm thinking about cooking or contemplating "having" to cook, not so much. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,