Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cooking Pr0n

There's many weekends full of experimenting & riffing on ideas & techniques in this book from one of the biggest, and still somewhat mysterious rock star chefs in the world. All the talk about the buttermilk fried chicken recipe is justified; probably worth the investment alone. Simplified for the home cook, yet revealing to those who look for the subtle techniques that can make good meals great, it lives up to the hype its been getting.


Anonymous said...

This one is on my list. I am reading Ratio right now and really enjoying it. The Flavor Bible is another that I plan to get.


Dixon said...

Ruhlman rules, dude. Ratio is a revelation.....I look at recipes now thinking, "Why didn't I get it before?" WHat can't you make that tastes great with some stock & roux on standby?

And my new refridgerator staple: garlic confit. everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me on to Ruhlman. I read his blog fairly religously now.

I made my first homemade pizza crust the other day after reading the first section of Ratio....something I never thought about doing before. Even though I failed miserably at getting the uncooked pizza on the stone - the final product (even though it looked like an autopsy) was good!


J.B. Dixon said...

I'm a big fan of Mark Bittman's stuff, too. especially his book, How to Cook Everything. I pull that book out more than any other, I think. Simple stuff....what to do with anything.

This calls for a weekend visit, one direction or the other, and soon. We've gotta cook big food. Been too long since we all got together.

This is kind of sad....two dudes talking recipes....we're producing too much estrogen, dude. Wanna get together later and scissor??