Monday, May 18, 2009

Must-Own Shirts

It's hard to separate yourself from the rash of trendy funny t-shirts that the Hot Topic crowd seems to be buying these days, but here's a few shirt designs that recently caught my eye. One shirt was immediately purchased by a buddy of mine when I forwarded the link. Dammit. I threw the last one in for long-time blog supporter Michael (You're welcome!).


Michael said...

I've not actually owned a Star Wars t-shirt since back in the day when I had Yoda Underoos in first grade...and even then I stopped wearing them because a kid in my class wore his EVERY day to school as an actual shirt. Anyhow, that is what Star Wars shirts always reminds me of: Joey Wells in first grade. I prefer the hoodie variety of Star Wars apparel nowadays.
Love the Randy Wattson too.

Dixon said...

I thought I was the only one. Sadly, I owned the same Yoda underroos. Forest green with a tan waistband. Of all the underroos to own, that's what I had, and I don't even think I watched the movie.

Anonymous said...

This is the current owner of on, Randy Watson 1988 World Tour, t-shirt. Worship me.