Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kansas City Good Eats Tour Stop: Dixon's Famous Chili

Although I'm not in line for the family restaurant empire (nor am I even sure I'm related to this particular lineage of Dixon's), I can confidently say that my name proudly adorns a true culinary road food classic in Kansas City, my gastronomic home away from home. Located merely blocks from Kaufmann Stadium, the fellas and I decided early on that this was going to be our post-game meal last week.

The only thing that I had heard about the place was that their version of chili is quite a bit different from what most everyone is used to. The only other place that I've heard of chili that is this unique is Cincinatti Chili, wich has a bit of a sweetness to go with the normally savory, tomatoey dish, and tends to be poured over plates of spaghetti. Whils bearing no resemblance to Cincy, Dixon's Chili is no less original. Here's the run-down on how it all comes together.

First, every component of Dixon's chili is prepared separately. Only when you order do the ingredients begin to come together. The two main components are ground beef, which is drained to the point of a bit of a dry consistency. No worries, that good meat grease does not go to complete waste (more on that in a sec). Pinto beans are cooked fresh every day in another separate pot. When a standard order of chili is made, a scoop of strained beans gets put on a plate. The bean liquid is set aside and served separately, to be added individually to your particular taste. Next, a couple of scoops of the ground beef is spread over the beans.

At this's all up to you. You receive two tiny bowls of both the bean liquid and the rendered meat drippings. Also on the table is a shaker of their special chili powder, along with shredded cheddar cheese and some freshly minced jalapeno peppers. The real secret ingredient is sitting on the tables, as well....a bottle of chile-infused vinegar. With a complete guess at a good combination of all the ingredients, the entire dish came together with that drizzling of vinegar. I proceeded to walk through that plate of goodness with zero self-restraint and dignity. No need for such manners, frankly.

Fellow culinary experts Martin & Scott also seemed to enjoy the tasty vittles, although Martin could not tame the entire chili dog order. I happily slid his plate over and finished it off in short order. Apparently sitting out in the hot right-field sun at Kaufmann Stadium caused for some serious hunger to brew. After a few photo opportunities with the freindly wait staff (who were a bit taken with our heartfelt curiosity and charm of the place), the visit was deemed a roaring success. If you get the chance, set your apprehensions aside and give it a shot. If for nothing else, do it for Dixon, won't you?


Dirtbikes and Divas said...

that's what I'm talkin' about!!! The boys are headed back to K.C. this weekend to pick up a pool. I will pass along this gem to them. And you thought nobody would benefit from your knowledge of all things them I say phish nay-sayers...phish!

DM said...

LOL @ your first pic. Too bad Greinke got a no decision that day. I think we lack one great offensive player that would make us a playoff contender this year.

Trevor said...

Cool! I am going to take Ashleight there before we go to the K on June 12th.