Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Chase of the Year: SC Nebraska 4.4.09

Photo Courtesy Dick McGowan

Since I didn't come to the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium on April 4th armed with anything but a notebook and a pen, I really wasn't thinking about doing any storm chasing that particular Saturday afternoon. I was just wanting to see a presentation I had heard before from Mike Umscheid about weather photography, and then pick up a copy of the Storms of 2008 DVD, and be on my way. So it was good to run into Darin Brunin, who I hadn't seen in a few years. He and Dick McGowan were selling the charity DVD, and had their eye on the afternoon for a potential chase set-up for low-topped supercells in south central Nebraska. What the hell..... I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn a few things about cold-core setups from a couple of chasers whom I have a lot of respect for.

Here's a direct link to Dick's summary of the day, with pictures (including the one above!), since I was completely flying blind, and they were nice enough to let me tailgate for an afternoon....something they don't do for very many people very often. Most appreciated, fellas.

NOTE: Since the severe weather season is upon us, and I tend to have this....thing....about tornadoes & what-nots, I'll be dedicating some time to the subject for the readership who may not have quite the fetish I do about such phenomena. There's plenty of blogs and sites out there for hardcore chasers to talk about hardcore forecasting, data, setups, and all that stuff. That kind of online weather geek pr0nography appeals to me....but certainly not all of you. So I'll do my best to dumb it down and keep it light & airy, and lace it with heavy doses of self-deprecating humor about just how "out there" this world of storm chasing actually is. I may piss off the die-hards in the process, but there's not many of them who are looking at this site anyway, and they're not really my audience in the first place. Besides, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

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Hahah thanks for the plug, J.B. Nice meeting you, sorry we couldn't reach a 50 dewpoint!