Friday, December 19, 2008

KC BBQ Tour Stop: Snead's

In consultation with fellow barbecue enthusiast and aficionado Martin, it was settled that our destination for this particular Kansas City trip would actually be in Belton, MO, just south of the metroplex, to a family-owned establishment since the early 60's, Snead's BBQ. We wanted to try a place that neither of us have been, knowing that our favorites will still always be there for us.

Snead's uses nothing but hickory for their fire & smoke, and what immediately got our attention was the fact that they use absolutely no seasoning or rub or any kind on their meat. It's completely naked when served, with two kinds of homemade recipe sauces on the side to try. The brisket was excellent, as was the pork shoulder (shaved, not pulled, an interesting touch). The ribs were gigantic and meaty, but were lacking in flavor due in part to no seasoning, but still tasty & smoky. Deciding that a 3-meat platter would not suffice, Martin & I decided to also split a "smoked meat log" on a long bun. Essentially it's smoked pork, brisket, ham, and turkey, finely chopped & placed on a hoagie bun. Gorgeous.

When it came down to Martin & myself in an unofficial eating contest, he had pretty much starved himself all day, which clearly gave him the edge. He walked through the heaping piles of smoked flesh like he was a starving soccer player stranded in the Andes Mountains. It was both beautiful and appalling to watch. My wife and our friend Brooke, along with a couple of wait staff, looked on in horror as we slopped away. Dining with us at a BBQ establishment is not for the squeamish, as clearly depicted in the photos. The scene will likely repeat itself within the next few months, after a thorough colon cleansing and several bowls of oatmeal for artery flushing. Fresh as a daisy! Thanks to Snead's & their pitmaster for turning out good product that is done the family way. Just the way it should be.


Anonymous said...

No colon cleansing needed here. I'm good to go. I think Sarah and I are headed to Oden's tomorrow night. I'll send pics along with my notes on the meal.


supermom said...

oh my, what a site that had to be. lol! i love me some good BBQ. SD's don't know a thing about BBQ. LOL!

Trevor said...

That first picture of Martin is repuslive, yet beautiful, at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Trevor. Makes me feel like I gave it my all. Too bad J.B. didn't have video of me rocking back and forth and doing the Kobayashi shake to make room for the meat log. I think it would have really captured the moment.


Carol said...

OMG! I grow up in Grandview Mo. back in the 60's and my Dad would take us to Sneads BBQ. I was shocked to see that it is still there!! I loved that place as akid and am planning a trip there just to eat the BBQ and introduce my husband to the wonderful taste of great BBq I remember as a small kid! I remember most the Hamm's beer sign on the wall it was a moving pictue of a bear in a lake scene then back to a small town. I wonder if it is still there? I will have to wait and see. See you at Sneads's. Hold me a big table!!!

Anonymous said...

they got a new owner, so no beer limit and bigger portions. My favorite is the cole slaw, best I have ever had