Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I voted for Bruce Dickinson.

Yes, the Bruce Dickinson. I'm not entirely sure which the Bruce Dickinson, though.... Either the Bruce Dickinson who puts his pants on just like the rest of us-- one leg at a time. Except, once his pants are on, he makes gold records.

Or the Bruce Dickinson with the shredding pipes of one of the 80's greatest metal bands. Regardless, he got my vote for Member of Educational Service Unit, Sub-District 6 last night, and it's a better Educational Service Unit Sub-District 6, either way. I think.


Saqib said...

what? Surely not Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden. Don't u think he already has enough on his plate?

Michael said...

I think it might have been sub-district 666.

Trevor said...

When Bruce is not on tour with Maiden he is a 757 pilot for the British charter airline Astraeus.

Yet another usless nugget of knowlege from J.B.'s brother.