Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long Live The Rue!

I was finally able to catch Ardency Rue back in Malvern over Homecoming weekend. Darren Schnoor & Adam Giaffoglione played a long set down at Bowley's Bistro after the game on Friday night. They've been playing together for over 5 years, and their experience is really showing. Now if I could only get them to play me some Tenacious D.... They've got some of their stuff up on their page, so check em out. Adam likes Corona. Darren pees a lot. Just some observations.

Random Trivia: Darren & Dixon, back in the day, formed a band the likes of which have never been seen....what did they call themselves, and what was the first song they played together?

It was a good crowd, but for once in my lifetime, there were actually 3 options for revelers to choose from for their Friday night downtown carousing. Charlie & Cindy have their place going well, and with a town the size of Malvern, that's no small feat. Bradley's opened up recently, and has been doing a very good dinner business, drawing crowds from out of town every weekend. City Councilman (God, that is strange to say) Shane Sayers brought his brand of country & parrothead singing to the place, which was a good time. And can always count on Shaker's. It's funny how you can't smoke in Shaker's anymore, yet you still come out of there smelling like the ass end of a Marlboro Red. Awesome.

Good times with good friends all night, regardless of where you were. The old town seems to be doing just fine these days.

Pics courtesy of Gary Giaffoglione


Anonymous said...

Councilman Sayers? You need to start looking over your blogs before you post them. That can't be right.


Dixon said...

Oh, it's true. It's not a bad fit. He'll shake some things up.

kenthz said...

The name of the band was "The Lone Rangers" and the first song was "Crazy Train"


Kent Hertz

Dixon said...

Wrong, and wrong. You're better than this, Kunta.

Trevor said...

Damn, I should know this. OK, a stab in the dark.

Miss Beavers Golden Retrievers (damn what a catchy name) for the band name and the song was The Number of the Beast.

Dixon said...

Y'all suck. With the addition of Zanders, we were originally known as the 3 Man Electrical Jam. The first song Tiny and I played together was Iron Man.

Bonus Question: Where did this first collaboration take place??

Trevor said...

At the Malvern High School gym at a Talent Show?

Dixon said...

That was our first "gig", yes. The 1991 talent show (May 10th!).

BUT....the first collaboration actually took place in the malvern high music room, before school one morning about a year prior to this first gig.

I'd add something witty to end this, but I have nothing, so I simply take a small bow.