Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Right off the top: I'm setting the Over/Under on national media outlets using the phrase "Houston, we have a problem." for their Hurricane Ike coverage at 73. Anyone want that action?

There's a bunch of chasers who are readying themselves today for landfall just south of the Galveston area. While it doesn't look like this one will be a huge wind maker (oh, it will be windy, I'm sure), the bigger concern is the storm surge that will be pushing right into the bay at Galveston. It's going to be a wet one down there. I'd go ahead and fill up that tank of gas today before the price jumps $.50 overnight.

Latest satellite image is showing that it's picking up some steam, trying to form a real eyewall. THe core of it has been floundering in its trek across the Gulf of Mexico, but the overal size of the storm is freakishly large. I'll get some cool GRLevel3 Radar images up when it gets in closer. I'll make weather geeks out of you knobs yet!

Here's Ike on Saturday morning around 7:25 CST. I missed out on the good images of it making landfall about 1 AM last night. Still, Houston is in for a long day after a loooooong night. Galveston, Houston, and points directly east of town took a serious pounding.

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Aimless Muser said...

i'm surprised you're not down there taking in the show.

it looks like a whopper!