Sunday, September 14, 2008

College Football & the Brunswick Stew Experiment

There's usually 1 or 2 college football Saturday's where I'll decide to veg out all day and watch non-stop college football. Easily one of my most enjoyable days to spend a fall weekend. Yesterday was a classic day where the coffee is poured about 8 AM (not too early for a bloody or a beer, but coffee seemed more justifiable that early in my house), the t.v. is turned on to some pre-game stuff (in this case it was finishing watching the unreal ending of the Kansas-South Florida game from Friday night), and I settle in for the all-day marathon.

Games watched/suffered through included:
  • Iowa-Iowa St. (absolutely brutal to watch. Why Tim accepted a bet with Thad getting only 7 points instead of 14, I have no idea. It's your own fault, dude.)
  • Missouri-Nevada (Mizzou is like watching a video game with the opponent skill level set to "novice")
  • Cal-Maryland
  • Oregon-Purdue
  • Meeechigan-Notre Dame
  • Georgia-South Carolina
  • Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech
  • New Mexico St.-Nebraska
  • Ohio St.-USC (a woodshed game, as predicted)
  • Oklahoma-Washington (that wasn't even fair)
  • Wisconsin-Fresno St.
Some really good games, and some total dogs. That's what you get on a Saturday in September. I loved every minute of it. By the way, the Big Ten is really bad this year.

Whenever one of these days materializes, I also try to come up with something good to make. This weekend it was a dish that I had wanted to try, and I finally got the opportunity to test it out. Brunswick Stew originated in Brunswick, GA, fittingly enough. Some claim it originated in Virginia. Who knows. Once it's made, it is a cross between chili, BBQ, and some buffalo wing flavors. The main ingredient for this experiment: A whole smoked chicken, chopped up, even a little bit of the crispy skin that's rendered down. So if you're in the mood for something different from your regular 'ol chili recipe this Fall, you might want to give something like this a try. I think this will be my soup tailgate contribution this year.

I started with this as my base recipe. I figured if anyone knows Georgia cookin' it's this lady. Then I added a few things to make it mine, I guess (can't divulge any secrets, though). I was quite happy with the results, and the leftovers are back on the stove simmering away as we speak.

Time to watch the Chiefs drop a deuce against an inferior opponent at Arrowhead. You can sense my optimism.


Anonymous said...

Already spoke to Tim about wearing his brand new Hawkeye shirt on Friday. He's going to look good!!!!



P.S. After three straight home games, I'm excited to be able to sit on the couch and watch games on Saturday. That's the only thing I hate about having season tickets.

Trevor said...

Time to get a new favorite pro team, bro. The Chefs suck.

Anonymous said...

I was at that Kansas-USF game. It was pretty crazy. They don't pack the stadium at Raymond James, but their pretty crazy. Met the AD for USF. He's a terd. Met Leroy Selmon. Punched him in the mouth....or maybe he hurt my hand when he squeezed it and I called him "sir". You be the judge. That guy's gotta be 60 and looks like he could still strap it up. Pretty cool guy, though I want to hate him. We parted with a GBR! He just smiled.