Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things to Teach Your Dog # 228

Early on when our dog Alex was still young, she had an obsession with ice cubes. So, I figured the only proper thing to do was to train her in proper ice cube acquisition techniques & manners. See how she did.


Jessica said...

That's pretty cute! How long did it take her to learn it?

Cameron Ted said...

Nopw you just need to learn how to get her to get a tumbler with three fingers of whiskey and bring it to you...

Anonymous said...

The other thing that makes this video great is the fact that you give the "Dixon chuckle" after she gets the ice cube from the fridge. Knowing full well that you taught her a bad habit, ... but you can't resist having her do it for your own amusement!!
Nice work!!


Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, Flaherty. Not only does this video include the trademarked "Dixon chuckle", he follows it up with "Ahhhhh, shit." Classic Dixon.

Dixon, maybe you should take some video of her "knocking" on the back door.


Anonymous said...

Mickey and Derby beat me to it!

The best thing about that video is that the "Dixonisms" are present and accounted for!

If I could only have a direct feed to some of those each day, especially during each time that he cooks one of his creations, I'd be a happy man forever.

BEAUTIFUL DOG! When you have puppies and want to "give" some away, give us a call!

El Dante

Martin said...

I wish you could see me shaking my head right now. It's cute until you come home and have no ice in the freezer and 2" of water on the floor. I thought Layla was cute when I would teach her things. Now she just pisses me off when she does it.

Time to call Ceasar.