Friday, August 29, 2008

Heavy Metal Office Drumming

Okay, after this post, I swear I'll try harder. Posting random YouTube clips is lazy, I know. I just haven't run across a genre of funny metal music spoofs like this before, and it's quite amusing to me. I've grown up as a fan of metal, but at some point it just becomes ridiculous. Probably why I find this so funny (as does this guy, obviously). My kind of humor.

For you Malvern/Emmetsburg folks, tell me who this guy looks like. I don't want to be the one to name him by name (HINT: His name starts with a Mike). Am I wrong??

A couple more to tide you over through the weekend, then I promise some substance. Who knew Bert & Ernie were into Grindcore? I'll never look at kids television again. And I'm okay with that.

This is so stupid. lol

Okay, I'm done with this. I promise.


Trevor said...

Oh my God, I just pee'd my pants over Bert and Ernie. I was NOT prepared for that and paid the price.

Now, how many of you who think J.B. has done the exact same thing and taped himself drumming in the basement raise their hands....


Anonymous said...

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Dixon said...