Sunday, July 27, 2008

This ain't your Grandpa's Jenga.

Ahhh, the game of Jenga. Sweet, innocent Jenga. I never had the game growing up. It appears that it's made a bit of a renaissance comeback in recent years. As a family, my side rediscovered it this past Christmas, as we gave the game to our niece Ashleigh as a present. Soon after the gift was opened, it was full-fledged Jenga war playing itself out on the kitchen table. I'm pretty certain that the adults had more fun with it than the game's new rightful owner....a 6 year-old. For something to hold this 67 year-old's concentration like this is a feat that even '60 Minutes' cannot do. Remarkable. After at least three rounds and many hoots & hollers later, the game of Jenga had been deemed a new holiday tradition, to be on the same list of traditions such as the annual viewing of Christmas Vacation, Ida's cookie & candy trays, deviled eggs, and the ham & cheese ball. Lofty company, indeed.

I had heard about the Jones version of Jenga. Sure, there were similar variations of the game played by college kids (and adults still pretending to be in college by drinking mass quantities), even a version of Jenga played with a deck of cards and a can of beer. But the Jones Edition of Jenga made the trip to Canada for the Hertz-Screpnek Wedding festivities, and the game certainly made its presence known to many in attendance. Still a game of skill, a steady hand, and a little luck, Hacksaw's Jenga will make someone pay with each pull of a piece. Instructions such as "Take 3", "Give 3", "Take Shot" are all common instructions on the pieces, with a fair distribution either for or against the player. "Social" is peppered in throughout the game pieces. There are rules that occasionally do have to be referenced by the commissioner in cases of shady playing. Making its first appearance in Canada, it was unveiled at the rehearsal reception, with both countries well represented. Above, mother of the groom Terry gets some coaching trom longtime Jenga master Luke. Although this was Luke's first foray into the game of Hacksaw's Jenga. He quickly paid for it with numerous "Give 3"s heading his way. That's what you get for hitting on the groom's mom during Jenga, I guess. Even the wiley veteran Elmer got into the act. The pride & joy of Malvern represented the small-town travelers well in their first International Hacksaw's Jenga competition.

The grand game made its fianl Canada appearance the following Tuesday, as the Americans were preparing to depart the next day. It was to be the Grand Finale in Canmore. This was truly how Hacksaw's Jenga was to be played. Although due to increased consumption, it was determined in the later rounds that the amount of beverages on hand for the proper playing of the game was insufficient. This meant a very rare appearance from Malibu Rum, which normally isn't allowed within 5 miles of this particular game. Canadian rules, I guess.

Speaking of Canadian Rules, much like how the Canucks have completely ruined the great game of football (3 downs? And have you seen those endzones? WTF?), there was an attempt to dephile this game, as well. It seems that the issue of "flicking" is a bone of contention in the international game. The Americans contend that there is no place for flicking of a game piece to remove it. The Canadians agreed, but one player's technique said otherwise (see evidence to the right). Even when the rule would attempt to be enforced, it as done so with little penalty, with the contention that we were on Canadian soil. Therefore, Canadian rules. Here's Jodi, representing Team Canada, demonstrating her tapping & flicking prowess. Thinking that this was the way to victory, this continued for quite a while, as she attempted to free her intended Jenga piece from the rules of structural engineering. But ultimately, the cruel reality of Jenga will get all players who attempt to place themselves above the game. Hacksaw's Jenga will make them pay even more.


Anonymous said...

So if you're "giving 3" and "taking 3" and "taking shot" etc, what would the penalty be for knocking over the stack???
Or dare I ask?!?!?!?


Dixon said...

Two ways you can typically go on this. First is to finish whatever your beverage is at the time. This can sometimes be manipulated by someone who by coincidence always jas just a swallow or two left in thier glas, can, bottle, etc. Which would be handled by the second chioce for penalty, where there is a pre-designated beverage awaiting the winner/loser.

Kent, can I get a ruling on this?

Anonymous said...

Is that your first FAIL pic? Nice work.


P.S. Jenga on Friday.

kenthz said...

1 full drink or 1 "dead Mexican goat" (Tequila, Whiskey, Heavy Whipping Cream, and a dash of tobacco, served steamed to encourage sipping).. Ah. yeah.. The DMG..

C.T. said...

the DMG got me thinking about a shot that I have "heard of, but never seen". I have heard it called a "Tequila Stuntman" also called a "Drunken Mexican".
It’s done almost like a regular shot of tequila... Except with this one…
You snort a line of salt, do the shot, then squirt a lime in your eye.

Dixon said...

God, I was going to call you last night for the Dead Mexican Goat recipe, Kent, but I figured there was looting on Hollywood Blvd. from the 5.2 "MEGA QUAKE", so I didn't try.

I knew you'd come through. Not sure if this weekend crowd is prepared for that one, though. Warms the cockles on a cold Canadian night, for sure.

Jason said...

Speaking of bad shots..Here are some good recipes - The Worst Shots Ever Created