Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

Hurricane Dolly has made landfall at South Padre Island, TX today. It got upgraded in the last hour or so to a Category 2 hurricane, with winds above 95 MPH. Here's a cool radar shot from GRLevel3.

Either I'm a true weather geek for thinking this is cool, or I'm still a 1st grader with ADHD that just likes pretty, swirly colors.


C.T. said...

Ah you have ADD ;-) I'll try to get some pictures up from my Parent's place. I guess 100 MPH winds took quite a few trees down.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever sat and thought about how morbid this little hobby of yours is? "Oh boy! A hurricane is hitting South Padre!!!"



C.T. said...

hhmmm coming from a guy thought wouldn't mind it if a rival football team's players got hurt and couldn't play ;-)



Anonymous said...

That's different. Sports are way more serious than real life.


Dixon said...

Sadly, I don't think you're joking, Thad.