Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Lamb Experiment

From talking to a bunch of people, there seems to be this "love it or hate it" thing going on with eating lamb. I think it comes from our days being brought up on relatively bland cuts of chicken and pork. Face it...Momma only had so many ways to dress up chiken & pork. I can't say when I've really had lamb meat before and remembered it. I certainly haven't had a personal "Tequila moment" where I could never even look at it again.

Apparently, some have. I threw out the idea of smoking some lamb to my mom for Memorial Day back home. After about 7 seconds of silence on the other end of the phone line, Ida says, "I'll get some hamburger."

Now I don't count gyro meat as true lamb meat (you know those ginormous molded hunks of God-know's-what rotating on spits....Like this little guy here in NYC>>>). It's good eats, I know. I just know it's got a little of everything in it, with the occasional scrap of lamb tossed in. I had done some reading on some guys smoking lamb and having some good success with it. So while perusing the meat aisle at one of the many friendly Hy-Vee stores in the Greater Lincoln Metroplex, I came across a discounted hunk of leg of lamb, partially bone-in. Just over $5, for all this? Sold.

After tucking it away in the freezer for a while, and with a free weekend at hand (finally!), it was time to throw this bad boy on the smoker. A rub down with fresh herbs from our massive garden plantation (thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano), some salt & pepper, and we're off. Roughly 6 hours on the hickory smoke at 225-ish. These all seemed like reasonable guesses to me as to how to make it.

Well, the results were spec-freaking-tacular. When you cut into it, it looked a lot like beef brisket, with that bright red smoke ring, and the gray flesh of meat. The flavor? Hmmm....beefy, but with a faint livery taste to it. Some might say it's "Gamey", but that term is pretty relative, I think. It was my kind of meat. I can see why some may shy away from it, because it's very different from out standard beef & pork fare. Now, how to serve it.....Well, I just had to go Greek for my first time. Whipped up some yogurt sauce, some tomato, some greek potatoes, and there you go......heaven on a plate. I came up with a new ad campaign for the much-maligned meat.

Lamb: Don't be scurred.....nuh-uh....Don't be scurred.


C.T. said...

Congrats on going Greek for the first time. I hope it won't be all you crave lol keep up the good work


Josh said...

The world thanks you for getting all these random thought out of that obscure brain of yours!!!


Dixon said...

I've always said: If I could only use my powers for Good....

Well, you're now reaping the benefits, my friend. Relish in it.

Crosseyed Psyclops said...

Try leg o lamb on a bbq with a rotisserie Yum. See you tonight.

kenthz said...

Lamb or "Lamb Chop"..?

Dixon said...

Well played, Sir. ;)