Friday, June 20, 2008

Guy walks into a blog.....

So I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now. With so many people drawn aimlessly to the two largest online human-mind bug zappers of the internet, namely MySpace and Facebook, it is no surprise that the concept of a blog has become intriguing. It’s not like a blog is radical new technology, but the concept of even timidly sharing even a fraction of your life (or lives, depending on who’s in the picture) across the abyss of the internet is a bit intimidating. But screw it. Sometimes you just can’t get to everyone you want to, either via email or phone, or the newest mind-draining concept, the oh-so-personal text message. While still avoiding those other online cesspools like the Plague, I think this sort of medium will fit the bill.

Of course, many of you know that when it comes to interests and hobbies, the metaphor “all over the map” may not do justice. (Is “all over the map” a metaphor or a euphemism?? Let me know on that, please. Thanks in advance.) As time goes, it should be pretty obvious what many of those likes, hobbies, interest are. The theme for this landing pad of randomness comes from many road trips where the rules of the game were to name the tune on the radio in the fastest time possible, preferably without the help of lyrics. My obvious skill at this prompted the utterance of the title of this page: Utterly Useless Knowledge. This phrase has also been used to describe my odd ability to cross-reference Iowa towns with their school districts, so greetings to all you Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn readers out there, of which I know none of you!

I’ve taken more than my share of heat for being a bit of a storm chaser. There’s also a few (a few!?) other things that can hold my attention for short, brief spans at a time, such as: being enthralled but completely sucking at GTD (just google it), starting books and never finishing them, knowing entirely too much about cigars, being proficient in the national dirt late model racing scene, making noise on the drums in our basement, trying to learn to be a decent photographer, the trials (there are no tribulations) of the Kansas City Royals, eating entirely too much barbecue, being a closet addict of the Food Network, golf (and actually becoming worse at it), and God only knows what other marbles that come falling out of my head.

As you can clearly see, it shall me my goal to reinforce the title of this blog with every single addition to the page. That’s my commitment to you, the reader.

So come on along…..


Ryan McGinnis said...

First post! ;)

Really, though -- glad you have a blog. Look forward to seeing some storm pics!

Anonymous said...

Dixon...don't be so hard on yourself...after all, every KC Royals fan has 1985 to remember! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Looks great, bro!


Anonymous said...

This should be spectacular!
I am almost too excited to begin reading about what you're up to!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Look forward to vicariously experiencing many Pearl Jam concerts through your posted photos!

Had 1st ever storm chasing event with Hilary's fiance two weeks are a very brave man!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your storm interests and sense of femur.

I'm looking forward to comments from your band of buddies.

JasonWomack said...

JB, welcome to blog-world!