Saturday, June 28, 2008


Many of you who saw "The Lamb Experiment" on the website have to be asking yourselves, "What was THAT all about, and where did it come from?" Well, after seeing it myself, I can't say I blame you. At the request of one Mr. Kent Hertz, and at my blessing, I'm now apparently linked in to that fine online publication from my hometown. That is to say, you're stuck with me, I guess. Consider it the 2008 version of "Grannies Have More Fun". Only I'm not a Granny. And I don't play Bridge. Crap, that's two strikes. But I digress.....While I cannot promise you timely news on any and all things Malvern, Iowa, I hope I can be of some small contribution to the overall experience.

Ahhh, who am I kidding. I'm just a former native with a new "toy" at my disposal called a blog. But hopefully with Kent's help I can spare you many of the irrelevant posts that you will undoubtedly be dumber for having read, and post the good stuff. The Malvern stuff. Experiences, personal history, old war stories, and the like. So please bear with us, and we'll get you through it. I'd hate to have such a good website be tarnished by such an utterly useless blog (Hence, the name).

But one thing should always be noted. While I make my residence elsewhere, Malvern is, and will always be home. Many of you are a big reason for that.

And by all means, try the's breathtaking.
UPDATE: This blog has been temporarily taken off the site, at my request. If I hadn't been reprimanded yet for off-topic or questionable content, it was bound to happen soon. Kent will be rolling out with a new & improved Malvernia site soon, and we'll see where this blog fits in at that time.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Dixon!!! Dixon for Mosquito Control Commissioner in 2008!!! Let the "grass roots" effort begin!

Humble Constituent

Anonymous said...

Who would've thought that this blog would've died after 1 week. Nice work Dixon!


Anonymous said...

And leave it to "The Barge" to throw a low blow, ...I wouldn't have expected anything less from you bargey. I'm sure Dixon still loves you! :-(