Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Brisket Pizza Experiment

This weekend I'm working on what I'll call the Lamb Experiment on the smoker, but about a month ago I had one of my proudest moments in home cuisine. We had made brisket for the weekend, but it wasn't the right cut for good barbecue. The only cut they had at this particular grocery store was suited more for corned beef, I'd say. No fat layer, small, just not right. Nevertehless, I made it, and it was pretty average.

So on the drive home from work on a Monday, I was thinking about what to do for dinner. Leftover beef brisket. what? And then it hit me.

Cooked entirely on the Traeger smoker/grill, the pizza tasted just as good as it looked. No recipe, just an idea. A good one, if I may say so.

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